Monday, December 5, 2016

TMA#1 t-shirt drawing!


Yes, I've let this blog sit for awhile, but I had a lot to do to get TMA#1 up and ready for sale!  That's actually the first bit of news: The Mighty Andromeda #1 is finally up and ready to be purchased!  Just click on that handy link to be taken right to the page for purchasing!  I know that just getting a copy of TMA1 is incentive enough for many of you to buy your own copy hot off the printer, but below is going to be a little added incentive for this holiday season. 

But before I get to that, here's how I arrived at having my first shameless marketing pitch done in this way.  Most of my fellow creators go with Kickstarter or GoFundMe.  While I would LOVE to have a Kickstarter campaign going, I still need to work out what to have on it, so I'm going to push that particular idea back until possibly late 2017 or early 2018.  I'm just not ready for that yet.  I want to do it, just not yet.  As for GoFundMe - well, that's basically "Give me money!" and not much else.  I understand what it's about, but that's not what I want to do for my first marketing pitch. 

Sorry, I mean my first SHAMELESS marketing pitch.  :-)

What I came up with is a t-shirt drawing.  Some months back, I had an excellent t-shirt made of TMA, and it came out even better than I hoped! 

Next, I worked on the covers, and here's what I came up with:

The first cover is the regular cover, done by Rick Lozano, an awesome fellow comic creator who pretty much walked me nearly the entire way towards making this comic.  Honestly, the comic wouldn't have happened without him, and for which I'm very, very grateful.   
The second cover is a variant cover, done by Oliver Hudson, an artist from France.  Yes, THAT France - the one in Europe!  It's fantastic that in our day and age, we can come in contact with all kinds of people and hire them to do work, no matter what part of the world that they live in.  He also happens to draw in the "Jack Kirby" style, which is why I wanted to see his interpretation of Andromeda in that style.  It came out simply stunning, and it looks even better on the shirt!
Now we come to the drawing for the t-shirts, and maybe more!  I will start out with two t-shirts for the drawing.  If and when I hit 30 purchases of TMA1, whether print OR digital, then I will offer 3 t-shirts.  This bar explains the rest:

So here's what you need to do to qualify for this drawing:

I need a scanned copy of your IndyPlanet invoice, showing 1.): The IndyPlanet letterhead, and 2.): Your first and last name (so that I know who to send the prize to should you win!), and 3.) The purchase you made, showing if it was digital or print, and how many copies of each.  I will be printing out these invoices so that I can better keep track of everyone.  You can mark out your address or other unnecessary info if you wish, but I need to see at least what I've listed below.  Of course, if you win, then I'll need your address at that time, so it can wait until that time.  Send your invoices to this email address:, subject line: T-shirt drawing

Here's the rules:

* To qualify, you must make a purchase of TMA1 from the IndyPlanet site, whether print or digital.  Purchases of TMA1 are the only way that I can afford to get the prizes. 
* Each digital purchase you make will qualify you for one (1) entry for the drawing.
* Each print purchase you make will qualify you for three (3) entries for the drawing.  So if you make, for example, 5 print purchases of TMA1, then you will get fifteen (15) entries into the drawing.
* If you do a review of TMA1 on the TMA IndyPlanet Page (this one), then you will qualify for an additional entry.  So someone purchasing a digital copy and doing a review will get two entries into the drawing, and a someone purchasing a print copy and doing a review will get four entries.  Please note that the review, should you do one, MUST be done on the TMA IndyPlanet page, so that I can see it, and add to your total number of entries.
* One prize per person, so as to help spread out the prizes among the greatest number of people. 
* When the time comes, I will draw the top prizes first, followed by the t-shirt drawings, and then the copies of TMA1.  I must hit 100 sales in order to draw the two top prizes - because that's the only way that I can afford to get them!  So I will draw for the prizes depending upon what level of sales I finish at when the deadline arrives.  At the very least, there will be two shirts in the drawing no matter what - but I hope that I am able to draw for all the prizes listed above.  :-)
* There might be tweaks later to the rules above, but nothing drastic to affect how I do the drawing - these rules above are pretty much it. 

The purchasing timeframe will be from now until Sunday, January 8th, 2017, but if you've already made purchases before now, you're still in the running provided you send me your invoice as detailed above.  I'm not going to forget you loyal earlybirds!  I will wait a few days after Jan 8th to allow time for all reviews to be submitted, reviewed (IndyPlanet reviews the reviews!), and then published to the TMA page.  Once I have all the reviews up, then I will do the drawings.  Depending on how everything plays out, I will aim to publish the full list of who-won-what by January 15th, and then I'll work on sending everyone their prizes as quickly as possible. 

One final note: If my sales happen to get past 100 fairly quickly - that is, if I start hitting 120, 130, or higher, then I just may add other prizes!  But I'll wait until that time before I reveal what those prizes will be.  :-)

Feel free to ask me any questions about the drawing by email.  I will also be posting any updates for the drawing to the TMA Facebook page: (  That's all for now.  Good luck, everyone!

John P. Araujo

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