Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Please support Rick Lozano's American Knight Kickstarter

Rick Lozano has had probably THE most significant impact on The Mighty Andromeda.  First, he made the cover for what will be on TMA1, which gave me the belief that I could make my own comic.  Then he, along with other fellow indies, gave a lot of help towards putting it together, and he and the rest of the group pitched in and guided a newbie into the comics publishing business.  I can't say enough for the help that Rick has given me, along with the patience of answering my numerous questions.  Now it is my honor to help him in return by promoting his Kickstarter.  Here is a link:

American Knight Kickstarter by Rick Lozano

Please donate, and be as generous as you can.  Help the fellow indie who has helped me.  :-)

Thank you.
And thank you, Rick, for all your help!

- John P. Araujo

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