Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stuart Black's The 4Horsefemmes: INVASION!

The 4Horsefemmes is an all-woman superhero team based in Australia, and they must contend with enemies from within and without, and in the case of the current storyline, from out of this world!  You'll enjoy everything about it, from the art to the stories, to the "easter eggs" that are peppered throughout.  Stuart Black, the creator, has an insane production level, having put out 8 books in three years - all by himself! 

Along with being a talented and productive (VERY productive!) independent comic creator, Stuart Black has also been a very helpful indie peer.  Please check out his comic line, and be sure to get the 4HFs #7, which has The Mighty Andromeda's first appearance in a comic anywhere!  It's sure to become a collector's item!  Heck, just buy them all, so that you'll be up to date for when the 4HFs #8 comes out, which is real soon!  Hey, you better hurry and buy them all today! :-)

- John P. Araujo

Link to Stuart Black's The 4Horsefemmes

Tuesday, June 21, 2016